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Tinitell Charcoal Shipping Starts on Thursday

- 9th of February, 2016

By Friday we were eagerly waiting for the news. Tinitell Charcoal have landed in Sweden! We’ve checked once more the Charcoal Shipping List, had a final Product Demo Meeting, prepared the apps for release, waiting logistics and deliveries.

On Thursday the first Tinitells are starting their journey again. A journey towards you…

Our intentions were to ship everywhere in the world simultaneously. But the export rules are not so simple. Before we can ship outside The Nordics, we have to comply with the Electronic Waste Management regulations in each and every country that we ship. We have partners and a team of specialists handling all the individual cases, taking them country by country, step by step.

The expected delivery dates are as follows:


Most of the Tinitell Charcoal orders and pledges will be delivered until the end of the month. And with the passing of the Chinese New Year Celebration, there will be exciting times in Spring, for sure.

Oh! And the apps are ready to be released too. Stay tuned for the update!

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