Tinitell AB has ceased its daily operations,
and is no longer producing or selling Tinitell.
For more information, please visit tinitell.com/2018update

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GPS Tracker
iOS & Android App

What is Tinitell?

Tinitell is a wearable mobile phone for kids. It's super simple, fun and durable, perfect for the outdoor adventures. Parents manage it from the Tinitell admin app.

Phone Calls Made

With Tinitell your kid can make and receive calls in a simple and secure way. You can add up to 12 contacts from the Tinitell app. Tinitell comes with a Ting SIM card included in the US.

GPS Tracker

You are always able to locate your Tinitell. Every Tinitell comes with a GPS and it's easily tracked on a map in the Tinitell app.

iOS & Android
Admin App

The Tinitell App connects Tinitell with your smartphone. Here you can check location, manage Tinitell’s settings and contact list. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.

iOS App Android App

Made For Play

Tinitell is made of durable materials and resists water and dirt. Rough treatment is unavoidable when playing in the wild.

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